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Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC offers you complete range of remodeling services in Connecticut. You can find out more about our services below

Handyman Services

Turn your honey-do list over to us and relax. We can help you with all those small jobs around the house. From fixing a door to patching sheetrock- no job is too small!

Basement Remodeling

An unfinished basement may simply be a large storage space underneath your home, or it may not be used at all. This is a space that could be used far more effectively if you walk through the basement remodeling process. This is a project that essentially finishes out your basement to make it waterproof and climate-controlled, and it also usually incorporates designer finishes that makes it look and feel like a part of the main area of the home. By learning more about basement remodeling, you may begin to explore the possibilities for your space. Find Out More

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the best upgrades you can do for a home is a bathroom remodel. Whether it’s a simple remodel that involves new paint, wallpaper and fixtures, or an entire overhaul that includes adding a bath or shower, walls, closets or other structural changes, bathroom remodels can be a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the latest bathroom trends and features.Find Out More


In architectural terms, decks are flat surfaces that can support weight in the same way as a floor. However, decks are typically constructed outdoors and elevated from the ground. Decks are usually made from mixed plastics and wood fiber, treated wood, Aluminum, or composite material and almost always connected to a building. Find Out More

General Carpentry

General Carpentry, in brief, involves all different types of wood repair projects. It covers all kinds of wood projects in general, to be more specific. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a customized pine desk. It doesn’t matter if you wish to remodel the basement in your home, either. General carpentry service can help you in a variety of useful and pertinent ways. Find Out More.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are considered the heart of a home, often leading homeowners to conduct complete overhauls in order to make it look its best. When conducting a kitchen remodel, it is essential to understand current design trends. Each year, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show exhibits new products from thousands of companies. Find Out More.

Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC Services

Aluminum, Cooper and Wood Gutter installation
Aluminum, Cooper and Wood Gutter repair
Assemble and disassemble furniture
Attic finishing
Attic Insulation
Attic stairs
Attic Ventilation
Basement finishing or remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bi-fold door Installation
Brick and Chimney Mortar Repair
Builds gazebos
Caulking windows and doors
Ceramic and Vinyl Tile installation
Change light bulbs
Child safety gate installation
Closet Organizer Installation
Column Installation
Concrete footings
Concrete slabs
Custom Carpentry
Custom shelving units
Damaged concrete repair
Dead or fallen tree removal
Deck Construction
Deck repair
Door Installation
Door planning and adjustment
Doorknob repair
Dry wall repair
Drywall installation
Exterior Trim
Fix & Change your Locks & Hinges
Floor repair
Furniture Refinishing
Garage, basement and attic cleaning and dumping
Gutter inspections
Hang your Holiday lights
Hanging cabinets
Hanging pictures
Hardwood floor installation
Install Bilco Doors
Install crown molding
Install curtain rods

Hauling and Rubbish Removal
Install Door hardware
Install drains and downspouts

Install exhaust fans
Install or repair fencing
Install or repair siding
Install Saddles
Install storm doors
Install storm windows
Installing Counters
Insurance Jobs
Interior Trim
Key Holder / Mail Pick-Up
Kitchen Remodeling
Lawn Cleanups and mowing
Mailboxes installed
Minor plumbing and electrical
New Construction
Patio repair
Pocket door repair
Property maintenance
Property management
Re-caulking bathtubs
Re-grouting tile
Repair Foundations
Replace damaged or missing brickwork
Replace Fascia
Replace furnace filters
Replace or repair shutters
Replacement Window Installation
Replacing roof shingles
Roof Flashing
Rot repair
Skylight installation
Skylight leak repair
Snow plowing
Stairs and railings
Storm window installation
Suspended ceilings
Termite Repair
Tile and grout
Water damage repair
Wet and leaky basement
Window air conditioner installation and removal
Window blind installation
Windowsill replacement