The Beauty of a Classic Kitchen for Your Connecticut Home

Want a kitchen designed to meet the needs of your family without fussy details? A classic kitchen may be a good choice. A classic kitchen has a neutral color scheme, simple cabinets, and minimal decorative elements that create a pleasing space ready for baking, cooking, and spending time with the family. This style can be a great starting point to help you create your own look with a flexible yet timeless design.

Here’s how a handyman with Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC can help you get the look of a classic style kitchen during your New Canaan or Norwalk, CT kitchen remodeling.

Simple, Neutral Cabinetry

A classic kitchen has a fresh look that never goes out of style. To get a comfortable look that can fit with almost any design, choose cream, white, or light wood cabinets. Architectural details should be kept simple. Cabinet doors may have a decorative style like a raised panel door but no ornate molding or scrollwork. You can add crown molding, a paneled range hood, faux legs on the kitchen island, and furniture style toe kicks but keep these elements restrained.

The doors on classic kitchen cabinetry in Wilton and Westport, CT are simple: not too detailed or too modern. The most common door styles are Shaker-style doors or Shaker doors with bead molding. Raised door panels aren’t very common as they tend to be found in traditional kitchens. Avoid flat panel doors, which are popular in mid-century modern kitchens, as they can be too simple.

Neutral Color Palette

A classic kitchen in Norwalk should have a timeless look that can last decades and blend with your personal style. To achieve this look, go with a neutral color scheme. Cabinets are typically white or light-colored and may be paired with a simple backsplash. Subway tile in cream or even chocolate with clean, white grout is a winning choice but you can also use travertine tile to add texture and warm earth tones.

You don’t need to keep the whole kitchen on the light end of the spectrum. Classic kitchens often have beautiful honed black countertops to bring contrast to the kitchen. Popular options are honed black granite, dark quartz, or soapstone, which is a hardworking nonporous stone that never needs to be sealed and won’t stain. If you want to keep the kitchen light and bright, consider Cararra marble or Calacatta marble, which is a similar style of marble with larger, bolder veining. Marble countertops can become the key focal point of your kitchen although they do have higher maintenance needs as they can stain.

A classic kitchen is an excellent choice for your kitchen remodeling if you don’t want to chase trends and want a kitchen that will look as stylish today as it does in twenty years. A handyman with Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC can help you design your dream kitchen in New Canaan, Wilton, or Westport, Connecticut.