Picture Your Home With a Beautiful Mediterranean Kitchen

There’s nothing like the warmth and vibrance of Mediterranean design. With its rich color palette and charming details, a Mediterranean style kitchen deserves to be the heart of your home. If you want to create a unique ambiance with your kitchen remodeling project in New Canaan or Westport, CT, this may be just the right style for you with its timeless and elegant design. Here are the most important elements to incorporate in your new kitchen with the help of a handyman from Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC.

Warm Color Palette

You can’t have a Mediterranean kitchen without a Mediterranean color scheme. The color palette for your kitchen should draw inspiration from the sea, sunlight, and foliage. Combine sunny yellows with terra-cotta, calming blue, vibrant reds, warm creams, and cheery oranges. Don’t be afraid to combine exciting and warm colors together and allow them to play off the heavy wood cabinets and floors.

Dark Woods

Mediterranean kitchens feature dark wood tones in the cabinetry, flooring, and even the ceiling. For an authentic look, your remodel should include wood beam ceilings or faux wood beams. Stain exposed beams dark for a beautiful contrast with the white ceiling. Mediterranean style furniture is very sturdy with elaborate carvings and moldings. Choose furniture-style cabinetry with a rich wood like walnut. A deep stain can bring out the wood grain with ornate decorative elements give the kitchen an Old World feel.

Handmade Mosaic Tiles

While the flooring of a Mediterranean kitchen in Wilton or Norwalk may be wood planks or earth tone tile, the backsplash is another opportunity for vibrant color and an artisan touch. A hallmark of an authentic Mediterranean kitchen is colorful prints and ornate patterns, especially with the backsplash. You may opt for a custom tile mural on the wall, an ornate motif, or even a show-stopping tile-topped kitchen island to give your kitchen a focal point.

Wrought Iron Elements

Adding a touch of wrought iron elements helps tie your Mediterranean kitchen together and achieve the Old World feel. You may want something as simple as a wrought iron pattern on your cabinet doors or even a grand chandelier over the kitchen island. There are many others ways to add wrought iron to your kitchen, such as the bar stools, a pot rack, or a grille on the range hood.

Natural Flooring

The signature Mediterranean flooring solution is Saltillo terracotta tile, which is handmade from a strong clay. Saltillo tile has natural variations in color, texture, and size for a rustic yet warm floor. It’s also easy to maintain, stain-resistant, and durable. A terracotta tile floor isn’t the only option for a Mediterranean kitchen, though; you can also choose earth tone natural stone tile like travertine or distressed hardwood flooring.

Curves and Texture

The final touches on your Wilton or Norwalk kitchen? Adding natural curves and texture to create a flowing, warm space. The walls of a Mediterranean kitchen are usually textured with Venetian plaster or stucco to add depth and visual interest as well as Old World charm. Your design should also incorporate curves in the light fixtures, range hood, and even the kitchen island to add a sense of fluidity and grace.

If you’re dreaming of a warm Mediterranean style kitchen in New Canaan or Westport, CT, Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC can bring your vision to life. Contact our handyman to learn more about the process of creating your custom kitchen during your next kitchen remodeling project.