Get the Old World Charm of a Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan style design is the perfect balance of elegance and rustic decor. Inspired by the region of Tuscany, which is known for its lush rolling hills, this style of design incorporates plenty of natural stone with texture, ornate details, and sturdy materials. If you love the charm and warmth of Old World design and you’re imagining a Tuscan theme for your kitchen remodeling, Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC can help. Here are the key elements your handyman will incorporate in your Wilton or New Canaan, CT home to achieve an authentic Tuscan feel.

Rich, Ornate Cabinetry

Cabinets will be the primary element that defines a Tuscan style kitchen and occupy most of your wall space. Because Tuscan style cabinets are typically ornate with a strong focus on woodwork, it pays to put a large share of your kitchen remodeling budget toward the cabinetry. For an authentic look, choose cabinets with a weathered and natural look. Opt for a wood species with subtle color changes.

Tuscan cabinetry should look like freestanding furniture with ornate scrollwork, moldings, and complicated architectural details. To get the look of furniture, your center island can incorporate decorative legs. Tuscan cabinets usually have furniture toe kicks instead of standard toe kicks to give the look of furniture legs on lower cabinets.

Range of Textures

A Tuscan kitchen in New Canaan or Wilton should be all about texture. Stucco or Venetian plaster walls are a hallmark of Tuscan design, adding unique warmth and texture to the walls. Stone is a predominant element in a Tuscan style kitchen and may be incorporated in the floor, countertop, and even the range hood to add weight and texture to the space. Historical Tuscan kitchens even used stone for the walls and oven. A more affordable and less fussy way to get the look and feel of stone in your kitchen is using manufactured stone veneer.

Terracotta or Wide Wood Plank Flooring

If you want an authentic look in your kitchen, opt for unevenly-colored terracotta tile flooring. This style of flooring is incredibly durable and comfortable underfoot. It also adds rustic charm to the space as each tile is a bit different. Travertine is a good compromise if you love the look of tile flooring but don’t want terracotta. Travertine has surface imperfections and earth tones with the perfect Old World look.

If you don’t like the look or feel of terracotta tile, you can also choose wide wood plank flooring. Choose distressed wood flooring with planks that are at least 6 inches wide.

Final Touches

To set the mood in your Norwalk or Westport kitchen, draw inspiration from nature. A Tuscan kitchen incorporates sunny yellows, sky blues, deep reds and terracotta, and sea green. Be sure to add plenty of wrought iron elements to the kitchen. You can incorporate wrought iron in pot racks, cabinet and sink hardware, furniture, and grilles. While wrought iron is the predominant metal, your kitchen can also incorporate the rich tone of copper. Copper pots can be displayed in a wrought iron pot rack or you can incorporate a gorgeous copper range hood that’s surrounded by tumbled stone.

Ready to see your new Tuscan kitchen in your Westport or Norwalk, CT home? Contact Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC to discuss your ideas with a handyman who can bring them to life.