How to Achieve a Romantic Style Kitchen

July 6, 2018
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Want to add a feminine yet rich style to your kitchen? A romantic style kitchen is a great choice for striking a balance between a soft, delicate atmosphere and a strong, grounded design. There are many ways to achieve a romantic kitchen, a style of design without hard and fast rules. Depending on the look you want to achieve, minor kitchen remodeling with the help of a handyman may be all that is necessary to create the kitchen of your dreams. A romantic kitchen can also be very grand in design and borrow elements from Old World and cottage styles. Here are some of the most important elements to create a romantic kitchen in your Norwalk, CT home.

Romantic Cabinetry Options

A romantic kitchen usually has crisp white cabinets although you do have the flexibility to use pastel and muted shades of blue, cream, and yellow. Dark stained cabinetry is also an option although it’s important to balance the darkness of the cabinets with light countertops and a light color palette elsewhere.

Open shelving is common in romantic kitchens, borrowing a common element from country style kitchen design. Open shelving gives you space to display your favorite dishes or other decorative elements. Many homeowners also appreciate the timeless beauty of glass doors, which create a cottage feel that lends well to a romantic style kitchen. Another option is cabinetry with ornate carved and furniture-like designs. Carved crown molding and furniture toe kicks give your cabinets a sense of permanence and grandeur and the appearance of free-standing furniture.

Rich, Soothing Color Palette

Most romantic kitchens feature a predominantly neutral color scheme with white or cream cabinets, light hardwood floors, and white furniture. This doesn’t mean a romantic kitchen is colorless or boring. You can achieve a comforting feminine style with a palette of gold and pink paired with rich dark countertops to make the ornate details of the kitchen pop. You may want to add fabric valances with saturated pinks and fuschias or a delicate floral pattern. You can also add color with an accent wall of wallpaper, fabric seat covers at the kitchen bar, or a mosaic tile backsplash.

Other Elements of a Romantic Kitchen

There are many other ways to achieve a beautiful romantic kitchen aside from defining the space with cabinets and setting the mood with the right color palette. Romantic kitchens are typically opulent and elegant with texture, pattern, and high-end finishes at every turn. Choosing the right lighting can help further define the style of your kitchen. An elegant chandelier over your kitchen island or eat-in dining room can add a touch of class to your kitchen.

The more detailed molding and edges, the better. Along with carved crown molding, your handyman can add corbels to add more detail to your backsplash, cabinets, or other elements you want to draw attention to. For a truly over-the-top finish, consider a coffered ceiling, a beautiful and unique architectural detail that adds drama and depth to your kitchen. You can keep the ceiling and molding white or paint the ceiling with a complementary blush or cream to draw attention to this architectural element. A less-extensive solution that adds drama and personality to the ceiling is a ceiling medallion, which can be combined with a chandelier or another type of lighting fixture.

The soft color scheme of a romantic kitchen also pairs well with curving design elements. You can complete your Norwalk, CT kitchen remodeling project with an oversized curved kitchen faucet and a farmhouse sink without sharp edges.