Classic Kitchen

The Beauty of a Classic Kitchen for Your Connecticut Home Want a kitchen designed to meet the needs of your family without fussy details? A classic kitchen may be a good choice. A classic kitchen has a neutral color scheme, simple cabinets, and minimal decorative elements that create a pleasing space ready for baking, cooking, and spending time with the family. This style can be a great starting point to help you create your own

Contemporary Kitchen

How to Design a Contemporary Kitchen A contemporary style kitchen may be just right for you if you love natural materials, the latest technology, and clean lines. While often confused with modern design, which actually refers to mid-century modern, contemporary design encompasses the style of the now which is always changing. A contemporary kitchen features state-of-the-art technology and features with mixed materials and fun accents. Ready to start your contemporary kitchen remodeling? Here’s how a


Achieving the Rustic Charm of a Farmhouse Kitchen The farmhouse kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen styles in New Canaan, Norwalk, and other areas of Connecticut. With a rustic, spacious and warm design, it’s perfect for an area that’s truly the heart of your home. Farmhouse kitchens are designed to be workhouses with plenty of space for baking, food prep, and sitting down with the entire family. If you spend a lot of


Get the Old World Charm of a Tuscan Kitchen Tuscan style design is the perfect balance of elegance and rustic decor. Inspired by the region of Tuscany, which is known for its lush rolling hills, this style of design incorporates plenty of natural stone with texture, ornate details, and sturdy materials. If you love the charm and warmth of Old World design and you’re imagining a Tuscan theme for your kitchen remodeling, Carpentry and Handyman


Picture Your Home With a Beautiful Mediterranean Kitchen There’s nothing like the warmth and vibrance of Mediterranean design. With its rich color palette and charming details, a Mediterranean style kitchen deserves to be the heart of your home. If you want to create a unique ambiance with your kitchen remodeling project in New Canaan or Westport, CT, this may be just the right style for you with its timeless and elegant design. Here are the