Achieving the Rustic Charm of a Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen styles in New Canaan, Norwalk, and other areas of Connecticut. With a rustic, spacious and warm design, it’s perfect for an area that’s truly the heart of your home. Farmhouse kitchens are designed to be workhouses with plenty of space for baking, food prep, and sitting down with the entire family. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, the farmhouse style may be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Envisioning a clean yet welcoming kitchen? Here’s how a handyman from Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC can help you achieve a farmhouse style during your kitchen remodeling project.

White Furniture-Look Cabinetry

Farmhouse kitchens are light, open, and warm. To achieve this look, go with white cabinets. From there, you can make the cabinets pop with heavy molding, fluted corners, and ornate details. Furniture-look cabinets are a staple of farmhouse kitchens and this look can be achieved with furniture toe kicks instead of standard cabinet toe kicks to give the look of furniture legs for lower cabinetry.

In the past, farmhouse kitchens were full of freestanding hutches, pie safes, presses, and standalone pieces. A farmhouse kitchen today can still feature freestanding pieces such as hutch buffets, cabinets, and sideboards. Along with traditional kitchen cabinetry, your kitchen can incorporate other types of built-ins such as a built-in cupboard with beadboard or bookcases.

Large Farmhouse Table

A farmhouse kitchen should be a workhouse with room for food preparation as well as eating. A true farmhouse kitchen will have a large, welcoming table with room for the whole family. The table can also serve double-duty roles by working as a food prep surface, too. The typical farmhouse table is solid wood. It may have a butcherblock top with painted white legs or it may be made from repurposed or distressed wood.

Apron Front Sink

Nothing says “farmhouse kitchen” in Westport or Wilton, CT quite like a beautiful porcelain apron front sink. Also known as a farmhouse sink, this style is very deep and wide, perfect for holding a large volume of dishes or filling deep pots. Its unique design allows you to stand right in front of the sink basin without a countertop or cabinet between. These sinks were commonplace in the era in which the sink was used for everything from cooking and cleaning to canning and bathing babies. If you want something a bit different than a standard white porcelain sink, you can choose something unique like a copper farmhouse sink or even granite.

Natural Countertops

Modern farmhouse kitchens in Wilton, New Canaan, and Westport, CT are very versatile when it comes to the countertops. There are three popular options to achieve an authentic yet modern look: soapstone, marble, or wood. Marble countertops can be beautiful but they do come with drawbacks, including the fact that they are easily stained and damaged in a kitchen. Hardwood countertops are a rustic choice as they’re beautiful yet hardworking. One of the most striking solutions is a soapstone countertop. Soapstone is nonporous, unlike other types of stone, and it offers a fantastic contrast to white cabinets.

Ready to pull off the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams in Norwalk or New Canaan? Contact a handyman at Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC today to explore the options for your kitchen remodeling plan.