Home Remodeling in Connecticut

At Carpentry and Handyman Concepts, your goals are our goals. We want your home to beautifully fit your lifestyle as well as your budget. And since we think the home remodeling process should be as good as the results, we ensure communication is clear and consistent and that everything happens when and how it is supposed to. We offer one of the best and the most caring home remodeling in Connecticut.

We pride ourselves in giving you the results you expect on-time and on-budget. The commitment to our clients has helped us achieve client satisfaction at every level.

Our team is made up of planners and design professionals with the skills required to take each client’s needs, along with every related detail, and carefully plan and coordinate them into the perfect blend of function, value, inventive styling, and creative design that will enhance your Environment.

With our diverse background we bring a broad spectrum of ideas and new techniques into providing a unique and personal “presentation” of your business space or home.Enjoy the security of knowing the company you are working with is fully licensed and insured and our staff genuinely cares about you and your home. Using expertly skilled employees not only gives us more control over project schedules for quicker job completion, it also helps us consistently deliver the high-quality workmanship and client service you expect and deserve.

  • Connecticut Registered Interior Designer
  • Connecticut Licensed Building Official
  • Connecticut Registered HIC #0608293