Thank you for visiting our website. This page is dedicated to bettering the public experience between remodeling contractors and consumers today. We are hopeful that with our efforts and the support of others we can make a difference in the process of licensing contractors in the state of Connecticut for the protection consumers and reputations of contractors that work so hard to do business ethically and to the best of standards.

I am David Grecco, owner of Carpentry and Handyman Concepts LLC, a member in good standing and on the Board of trustees for the Connecticut local NARI and Remodeling Contractors Association chapter.

On the board I serve as chairman of the licensing committee and as an association are trying create a licensing process throughtout the state of Connecticut. Other states currently follow a licensing procedure similar to one we would like to have in effect here.

CT’s home improvement number is just a REGISTRATION THAT YOU PAY that is attainable to anyone with $220.00 even without knowledge of construction practices.

Trades such as plumbing, electrical, hvac, real estate, hair dressing etc. require you take a class and pass a state exam to get a license.

This process will help weed out illegitimate contractors who are stealing from customers and destroying their homes and property. Below is information and updates on progress toward this initiative.

Report to the General Assembly’s General Law Committee
pursuant to Special Act 13-18,
“An Act Requiring the Commissioner of consumer Protection to Undertake a Study
Regarding Home Improvement Contractors”

Report pursuant to SpecialAct13-18 July 2014

An Act Concerning the Registration of Home Improvement Contractors
  • Any person seeking to be registered as a contractor by the Department of Consumer Protection will be required to provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of 1M at the time of registration. – As the law reads now we do not currently require any contractor to have liability insurance. This puts the consumers at a disadvantage if an accident should occur while performing work. Such as, damaging property while performing home improvements. Proof of liability insurance shall be submitted to each Building Official with each building permit application.
  • The Department of Consumer Protection will raise the fee of such license to $275.00 annually. The additional monies collected will be used to increase the Guarantee Fund to $30,000.00- The guarantee fund is now at $15,000.00 per incident. This fee does not cover many damages nor does it take into account attorney fees to consumers when litigating a claim against a contractor. We will additionally need to increase the amount kept in the fund.
  • The Department of Consumer Protection will require all those seeking to be registered as a contractor to submit a written test at the time of licensure and/or renewal of license.- We currently do not require any proof of state codes or an understanding of current law. This would be an open book test based on information from DCP website. Such a test is similar in nature to the test given to those seeking to become notary publics
  • The Department of Consumer Protection will supply each registered contractor with a legal contract to be used following state statute. A copy of the contract will be submitted with each building permit application- Each contractor is left to his/her own device to seek legal counsel for a contract. Many of which do not meet state requirements.
  • The Department of Consumer shall provide each Building Department copies of “Home Improvement without Headaches” (a doc. Avail on DCP website) in the amount equal to the number of building permits issued annually. The Building Official shall supply a copy of such document with each building permit issued.
  • I request that a Task Force Committee be formed to study the feasibility of requiring Home Improvement Contractors be tested prior to being registered. Including a requirement for continuing education requirements.